Densification Index and Report

Densification Index

The map shows which meshblocks in the Christchurch study area are optimal to intensify. The map is coloured for each eligible meshblocks by the densification index score. Those coloured blue have the lowest scores, yellow in the mid-range and in red the most suitable for densification. Note that some areas have been purposely excluded due to data or suitability issues.

Densification Index Report

Densification Index Report details the methodology and the data used to construct the index.

The project report is a plain English summary of the construction of the densification index developed by this BRANZ funded research project on value uplift in New Zealand.

Cities need new solutions if they are to carry on growing whilst improving their liveability. A large part of this is the provision of capacity for increased intensification, without spare capacity growth cannot occur. Cities are often faced with difficulties in deciding if they grow outwards, upwards, or a mixture of both. The report examines intensification suitability and aims to inform readers of the factors influencing this suitability. Presented is an index of densification suitability. This densification index, with Christchurch being used as an example, has been designed to be replicated with data from each of the urban areas around New Zealand. The report concludes with some salient points to consider for New Zealand.

Opportunities for Residential Development (PDF, 1.51MB)

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